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Media & Marketing

Advertising through BarterSystems's Media Department is one of the most appreciable ways of our clients utilizing their Trade Currency. Our full service Advertising Agencies are available for marketing and strategy planning along with offering their services to create an image and a direction that will serve to increase your business prospects. With thorough planning and selection of appropriate media, BarterSystems can help its clients move ahead of their competition and gain more of their market share.

Our Media Department is here to assist you to make the best of buys from our available media. Please contact us to explore the different categories of available media. We will take the time to review your needs, assist you in defining your targeted market and match that profile within the market areas and categories that we represent.


  Advertising Agencies & PR
  Community Events / Visitor Guides / Directories
  Direct Mail
  Moving Advertisement: Billboards, Buses, Trains
  Newspapers & Magazines
  Promotional Services
  Phone Directories / Yellow Pages
  TV & Radio

Glossary of Terms:

Affidavit of Performance A notarized statement from a television or radio station that a message or program has been presented.
Authorization That transactions should be authorized by BSI's Authorizations Department before delivery of goods and / or services.
Availability Air Time / Print: period of time that is open for reservation
BPA BPA International Consumer Audit verifies circulation data.
Camera Ready Black and white (B&W) Artwork to size or proportional to size on photo quality paper. If color, this is artwork with colors separated “ color separation “. Each publication will have specific requirements. Usually, you are responsible for supplying camera ready – art.
CPM Cost Per Thousand [M]. Ad cost / thousands of distribution = CPM. Usually compared at full page B&W Rate Card.
Campaign A specific, coordinated advertising effort on behalf of a particular product or service that extends for a specified period of time.
Circulation In print, refers to the number of copies distributed. In broadcast, the number of households within a signal area that has receiving sets.
Column Inch Publication space used as a measure of advertising space. In Broadsheet Newspapers, a column inch term equates to a linear measurement across the page.
Controlled Circulation Circulation that is limited to persons who qualify to receive a publication; often distributed free to qualified persons.
Cooperative Advertising Retail advertising that is paid partly or fully by a manufacturer / distributor. Can work extremely well when using trade dollars to purchase / then receive cash monies back from manufacturers/distributors. Additional creative arrangements can be made with manufacturers whereby co-op appreciation can take various forms – ie: discounts on subsequent purchases, etc.
Coverage The number or percentage of individual or households that are exposed to a medium or advertising campaign. Drive Time: Radio Broadcast time during morning and evening commuter rush hours.
Frequency “Frequency of exposure” The number of times that an average audience sees / hears an advertisement - the number of times that an individual or household is exposed to an advertisement or campaign.
Loyalty Media’s that have superior credibility with viewers.
Preemptable Some broadcast agreements will include a clause allowing the seller to "preempt" your trade advertising with cash advertising from another client. Generally, the probability varies with how full the media is. Does not occur on a regular basis.
ROP "Run of Pages." / or “ Run of Paper”. This means your ad can run anywhere in a publication. Premium positions might demand a premium rate.
ROS “Run of Schedule." This means your spot will run anytime /usually 6a to 12 Midnight means your ad will run between 6am –12am. Premium spots draw a premium rate.
Reach The ability to convey your message to as many different people as possible.
Showing The number of outdoor posters that are necessary to reach a certain percentage of the mobile population in a market within a specified time.
Target Market An occupational, demographic, or psycho - graphic group of consumers designated by a marketer as his best prospects for sales – serving as the group at whom the marketer’s most intensive sales, advertising and promotional efforts are directed.
Trade Paper A specialized publication for a specific profession, trade or industry. Another term for “Business Publications.”
Trade For Cash Conversion Protection to Media Clients /we do not ask our media clients to convert current cash clients to trade.


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