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How Barter Exchanges Work

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By joining Barter Systems, you will be part of one of the oldest barter exchanges in America. BSI and our staff of experienced trade brokers will help you make connections with some of our thousands of business owners so you can earn trade dollars. And then when it comes time to use your trade dollars, BSI can help you locate merchandise and services that you want and need.

After you join Barter Systems, you will be added to our member directory. You can be listed in ALL of the more than 700 business categories that pertain to your business. This will help all our trade brokers and members find you.


Upon joining you will get an access to our Members Services section. This section is open exclusively to our members and provides an access to:

  Member Directory

Member Directory contains information about all current Barter Systems members. The directory is equipped with a search functionality that allows to search for a product/service of your choice by Business Name (full or partial), City, Zip code, Phone number, and/or Category.

  Calendar of Events

Barter Systems holds quarterly Networking Events and an annual Holiday Show, where you can meet some of our members in person. The Calendar of Events allows you to access the event details online.

  Community Forum and Classifieds

Feel free to interact with other members anytime using our Community Forum. Forum is only available to our members and gives you an ability to discuss products and services, share experiences and interact with other members. Classifieds generally include topics like Barter Items Wanted, Barter Items Offered, Barter Systems Feedback & Suggestions, FAQ and General Barter Chat.

  Weekly Bulletin

Our weekly bulletin primarily includes products, services and special promotions our members are currently offering. Each Friday, we email and/or fax our newsletter to our members. You may submit newsletter ads to your broker or simply call and ask your trade broker to include your ad when you want to encourage business.


  Account Summary

By logging into your personal account you will access your current trading points balance, your credit line, year-to-date activity and your recent trades and transactions. You can also be able to view and print any of your previous statements. It works similar to an online savings account and lets you control your barter operations from virtually anywhere.

  Online Trade Authorization

When you sell something, you will have the ability to enter a transaction into our system. This will allow you to charge your buyer for the purchase so that trade dollars will leave the buyer's account and go into your account; you will have additional trade dollars to make purchases.


  Individually Assigned Trade Broker

Your Trade Broker's role is to help you find and facilitate trades (sales and purchases). You and your broker should stay in frequent contact. Keep your broker aware to promote you when you are looking for more trade business. Ask your broker to suggest what members may be best able to fill your needs when you are looking for products and services.

  Barter Systems Membership Card

Each member receives a membership card that is used to make purchases, similar to using a credit or debit card.

  Monthly Statements

Every month members receive detailed statements that list all their monthly transactions and the current trade balance, similar to a monthly checking account statement.

  IRS Compliance

Bartering is a taxable activity. Making eligible business purchases through barter is tax-deductible. Barter Systems provides IRS-compliant 1099 forms.


Barter Systems adheres to international bartering guidelines. If you feel any of our members may not be trading ethically, please report them immediately to Barter Systems.

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